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Hawthorn Rat Varieties

The fancy rat comes in many different combinations of colours, markings, and fur types, and this site is here to give a little bit of information about some of them. It’s a UK based site, so most of our information is biased to a UK perspective, but it’s my personal site rather than a comprehensive textbook, so it’s only natural that it will reflect my personal experience and viewpoints.

Saying that – this site is also a community effort, with much information and almost all of the photos here contributed by other breeders and owners. Contributions are always welcome (there’s a contribute link at the top of each page), in the form of photos, information, or opinions on any listed or unlisted variety.

As there are always new varieties being created or discovered, more information being worked out about existing varieties, and changes to existing standards, this site is by definition never going to be finished – but I hope you find it useful and interesting for now.