Agouti is the colour of wild rats, but our agouti rats tend to be brighter in colour than most of their wild cousins. The fur on an agouti’s back and flanks is multi-coloured, with bands of chestnut brown and black on a dark grey base colour with solid black guard hairs. The belly fur is ticked, but in shades of mainly grey and white which gives a silver effect overall.

The overall colour of a good agouti rat is often compared to a conker – all of the different bands of fur involved have deep, rich pigment that make a good agouti rat seem to glow (this is the “fire” you might see referred to). Sometimes, agouti rats can have almost too much pigment, and you see orange or yellow tones creeping into the belly, rather than the silver that you’d hope for.

Genetics: No mutations (A/-).

Agouti is the “wild type” colour of rats, though selectively bred for a brighter red tone to the colour for show quality. Agouti rats that carry mink, pink eye or red eye dilute tend to be brighter and warmer overall; agoutis that carry blue tend to be colder coloured.

NFRS Standard: To be a rich ruddy brown, evenly ticked with black guard hairs. Base fur dark grey to black. Belly fur to be silver grey. Foot colour to match top. Eyes black.