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Apricot Agouti

The Apricot Agouti isn’t a variety that’s bred too often in the UK, but as it’s a combination of two fairly common genes, there’s no reason anyone shouldn’t be able to create them if they wanted to.

This colour has been shown in the New Varieties class for as long as I can remember (it was when I first wrote this site, 10 years ago, and it still is now). Double recessives containing British Blue can be difficult to breed – perhaps this is a factor in the lack of Apricots around? And of course, there are some really beautiful and typey lines of Argente Creme around, and of course now we have the Russian Topaz, so maybe the niche for creamy orange coloured rats has been filled.

There are currently one or two people working on breeding Apricot Agoutis as I write this, so maybe we’ll see a sudden popularity surge for this variety soon.

Genetics: Pink eyed Blue Agouti (A-ddpp). A similar colour can be created with red eye dilute (A-ddrr) but the eyes remain too dark.

NFRS Standard: To be a pale apricot, evenly ticked with silver guard hairs. Undercolour to be ice blue down to the skin. Belly colour to be a pale cream. Foot colour to match top. Eyes red.

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