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Argente Crème

Who’d have guessed that the result of combining the dramatic, contrasty Chinchilla with the bright, brash Silver Fawn would be a variety as delicate and subtle as the Argente Crème? It’s easy to see the Silver Fawn influence – those bright pink eyes combined with orange fawn are unmistakable. Looking closer, the Chinchilla influence becomes clear. The ticking (the yellow pigment which gives Agoutis their red, and Silver Fawns their bright orange) is muted by the Chinchilla spotting gene, leaving just an apricot wash over the coat.

Genetics: A half Chinchilla with two copies of the pink eye dilute gene but without the Chinchilla fading gene (Cscsfyfypp).

There’s an excellent article on Chinchilla rats which has some information about Argente Crème available on the NFRS site.

NFRS Standard: To back of the rat to be a delicate shade of apricot, ticked with silver and shading to cream on the sides and face. Undercoat white, belly white. Eyes red.

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