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Blue point Himalayan

Blue point Himalayans are not the most popular or easy to breed variety, which is fair enough when you consider the hurdles in front of the (seal point) Himalayan variety. “True” blue point Himalayans tend to have even paler points than seal point Himalayans of the same type, and so tend not to do well or be a particularly striking variety. Many blue point Siamese, especially British blue point, have been shown as blue point Himalayans simply due to poor body colour rather than any real selection. Both British blue and Russian blue point Himalayans are shown in the same class as blue point Himalayan, though Russians tend to have the darker points.

Genetics: Non-agouti with either two copies of the Himalayan gene or one copy of the Himalayan gene and one copy of the albino gene, plus either two copies of the British blue gene or two copies of Russian (aachchdd, aacchdd, aachchrbrb or aacchrbrb), or the same with the addition of at least one copy of the black eyed gene for the black eyed versions (aaBe-chchdd, aaBe-cchdd, aaBe-chchrbrb or aaBe-cchrbrb)

NFRS standard: Body colour to be white, free from stains and even throughout. The points to be a medium smokey blue. Eyes Red or black. Note – Colour Areas: 1. Face – not to extend upwards from the eyes. 2. Ears – not to extend downwards from the base. 3. Forelegs – not to extend upwards beyond the elbows. 4. Hind legs – not to extend upwards beyond the ankle. 5. Tail – not to extend beyond the tail root. 6. Feet – colour to be solid throughout, devoid of any white.

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