Blue point Siamese

The first blue point Siamese in the UK were bred using the British blue gene, long before Russians were imported. They were a delicate silver colour, with pretty blue points, but very pale and unshaded – many were shown as blue point Himalayans with success, rather than as Siamese. They remained an unstandardised variety and fairly uncommon. Once the Russian gene was imported, blue points took on a new lease of life – using Russian instead of British blue gave a much deeper and definitely Siamese body colour, lots more shading, and much more impressive points. They are now fully standardised and fairly regularly seen on the show bench.

Genetics: Non-agouti with two copies of the Himalayan gene plus either two copies of the British blue gene, or two copies of the Russian (aachchdd or aachchrbrb), or the same with the addition of at least one copy of the black eyed gene for the black eyed versions (aaBe-chchdd or aaBe-chchrbrb)

NFRS standard: Body colour to be silver beige that shades into deep blue colour at the back and hind quarters, down towards the belly and on the face towards the nose. The shading shall be even and darkest at the nose and the base of the tail. The rat has to be without streaks, odd coloured or white hairs or patches. Belly colour: To be light silver beige. Ears, tail, feet: As blue as possible. Eye colour: ruby or black