British blue agouti

One of only two varieties where the standard specifies the colour is “attractive”, the British blue agouti is a fairly popular variety among both breeders and pet owners and it’s not difficult to see why.

The dilute gene not only affects black pigment, but it also fades out yellow pigment. The result of this is the brown and black of the agouti rat turning into a pretty slate blue colour, and the red agouti bands being diluted to a soft fawn. The difficult bit is getting the balance, as you need just the right amount of both colours to get a balanced looking rat.

Genetics: Diluted agouti (A-dd).

NFRS Standard: An attractive blend of mid-blue ticking over a medium fawn ground. Undercolour to be blue down to the skin. Belly colour silver. Feet dove grey. Ears and tail to be covered with blue hairs. A brown tinge will be judged as a fault. Eyes black.