Coat types

Body types



Capped rats are an old variety, with the first description I can find of them being by Castle in 1951, as he described the “notched” allele on the H-locus. The name notched came from the notch of white inbetween the ears.

The variety name we use now is alsop fairly self-explanatory – a capped rat, with its coloured head, white chin. and white body, kind of looks like it could be wearing a cap.

Genetics: Homozygous for notched or extreme hooded locus – hnhn, hehe – presumably hehn could also be capped.

NFRS Standard: The colour not to extend past the ears and to follow the line of the lower jaw bone, it should not extend under the chin. A white blaze or spot on the face, and the rest of the body white. Colour to conform to a recognised colour variety. White area should be pure and devoid of yellowish tinge and staining.

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