Coat types

Body types


Cream Agouti

Genetics: Agouti plus marten (either double marten or marten plus albino) plus the black eye gene plus two copies of the recessive cream/golden gene.

NFRS Standard: To be a mix of mid grey ticking over a mid cream ground, with no suggestion no suggestion of blue or brown tones. Ticking to be darkest along the […]

Havana Agouti

Havana agouti is currently a colour shown in New Varieties. There was some debate as to whether or not a standard should be accepted for this colour, as commonly these rats look very similar to a cinnamon. However, with some careful selection, they can be made to look distinctly different.

Genetics: Agouti and mink with […]

Russian Buff

Russian Buff has only recently been accepted for a standard, whereas Russian Topaz (it’s agouti counterpart) has been standardised for much longer. This is because a lot of selection is required in order to get a Russian Buff to look visually distinct from a standard Buff. At this time there are not thought to be […]

Variegated Downunder

This is the third Downunder ‘family’ phenotype to be standardised in the UK. Variegated Downunders are currently shown in the ‘New Varieties’ section at shows. There are still very few breeders in the UK who breed for any of the Downunder types, and currently there doesn’t appear to be anyone breeding specifically for Variegated Downunder. […]


Although not recognised as a variety in its own right for showing in the UK, masked is used as a term for a fairly common mismark that can be seen in litters when breeding for Black Eyed White or Capped rats.

Genetics: As for Capped (homozygous for notched or extreme Hooded locus – hnhn, hehe […]

American Irish

The standard for Irish rats in some US clubs probably most closely resembles the UK Berkshire variety, though it is more accepting of rats with less white on their underside. The lesser marked versions are often given the affectionate but descriptive nickname “belly Irish” or “tummy Irish” in the UK – it is not a […]

English Irish

AKA Irish

Russian Dove

AKA dove

Russian Pearl

The Pearl gene can be confusing genetically, since it only has an effect on Mink based rats (and even then, it’s not as predictable as you’d hope it would be). Therefore, the Russian pearl variety is also described as Dove Pearl or Russian Cinnamon Pearl, since it is a combination of Russian blue, Pearl, and […]

Lavender Agouti

Another variety that is not shown in the UK as it is too similar to other existing varieties, so the lack of selection means that this combination can be quite variable. Generally it will vary from looking like a slightly washed out Blue Agouti, to something resembling a Lilac Agouti but with a distinct blue […]