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As one of only two varieties banned at NFRS shows, the hairless rat is often thought of as a rare or unusual rat, and sadly often churned out in great numbers by less-than-ethical breeders hoping to cash in on this perceived rarity. In reality, hairless rats are fairly common, but just mainly absent from the […]


Although known in the fancy for many years, satin rats have never managed to become a standardised variety. The effect of satin in rats is not as impressive or distinct as it is in some other species, and oftentimes satins just look like rats with particularly good coat condition. Depending on the type of satin […]


Curly coated rats were written about as early as the 1930s, and there are multiple genes that cause the slightly harsh and bouncy curl that is so prized in rex show rats.

The fur on rex rats varies through their life. Males tend to have curlier fur, but in both sexes they can sometimes go […]


A velvet coated rat is impossible to pick out as a kitten, only becoming distinctive after the adult fur moults in – this of course makes it difficult for breeders to select for in particular! One often mentioned way of telling a Velvet rat from a standard coated rat is to brush the fur in […]