Coat types

Body types



This is not a standardised variety in the UK, as it is not considered distinct enough from other existing varieties. A combination of Blue and Mink, the shade produced is very variable but in general resembles a Lilac with a distinct blue tinge.

Genetics: Non-Agouti with two copies of the English Mink gene and two […]

American Blue

AKA: Sky blue

Sky Blue

The Blue gene can give a whole range of colours, from a pale, powdery blue over a white undercoat to a deep, rich slate down to the skin. The UK standard asks for a deep steel blue, and that dark shade we refer to as “British Blue“.

Although the US standard also refers to the […]


AKA topaz

Silver Agouti

The Silver Agouti is the Agouti form of the Marten, and was first bred in the UK in September 2010. The name is taken from silver agouti mice, which these rats resemble.

Genetics: A-cmcm (Agouti, with two copies of the Marten allele at the c-locus), or A-cmc (Agouti, with one copy of the Marten allele […]

Cap stripe

Not a standardised variety in the UK, but cap-stripes have been exhibited in some US rat clubs, though they’re not currently recognised for showing. There are no plans to recognise them in the UK or anyone breeding them for show, as far as I am aware.

There are two distinct types of cap-stripes. The first […]


Known as “red eyed devil” in Europe, the marten variety was named as such after being imported into the UK in March 2010. As kittens, martens appear to be red eyed blacks, and then as they grow the fur changes to a deep rich grey, with a distinctive pale muzzle and “eyebrows”, as well as […]


You can see where the name badger comes from, with the white stripe up the centre of the face, and the eyes firmly within the coloured area, but it is only in the facial markings that the badger rat resembles an actual badger.

The badger’s other name is blazed Berkshire, which possibly gives a clearer […]


As one of only two varieties banned at NFRS shows, the hairless rat is often thought of as a rare or unusual rat, and sadly often churned out in great numbers by less-than-ethical breeders hoping to cash in on this perceived rarity. In reality, hairless rats are fairly common, but just mainly absent from the […]


Dumbo rats originated in the North West of America in the 1990s, and finally made their way over to the UK in May 1999. The initial imports of Siamese dumbos were quickly followed by a rainbow of different dumbos being imported, and we now have dumbos in pretty much every possible colour and marking.

It […]