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Champagnes can vary from a dark grey colour to a very pale off-white, to the point where it can be difficult to distinguish any markings. The favoured shade is around half way between these extremes – light and bright, with bright pink eyes. They’re not the most popular of varieties with either breeders or pet owners (possibly as they’re quite a subtle shade and pink eyed), but a nicely coloured example is a really nice looking animal.

Trends on champagnes seem to vary wildly. Some breeders prefer to breed and show rats so pale that they almost look like pink eyed whites, and other breeders seem to be trying to breed them as dark as possible. The best advice seems to be to breed them on a chocolate base, in a similar way to breeding buffs. The warmth of the chocolate means you’re at less risk of getting a brown or grey toned rat.

Genetics: Pink eyed black, or pink eyed chocolate (aapp or aabbpp).

NFRS Standard: To be an evenly warm beige, with no suggestion of dullness or greyness. Eyes red.

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