Cinnamon chinchilla

The newest addition to the chinchillated varieties in the UK standards, the cinnamon chinchilla is a fairly self-explanatory name for the combination of chinchilla and cinnamon. This variety has also been bred in the past in the US, where it was known by the more descriptive but less obvious name of rose grey.

Genetics: A chinchilla or half chinchilla, with either the mink or American mink gene (CscsFyfy with either mm or amam)

NFRS standard: Top colour light brown, caused by the intermingling of brown guard hairs over a pearl white ground. The whole to give a pale speckled sandy appearance. Undercolour midgrey/brown, intermediate section pearl, tips brown. All the underside to be white with a clear demarcation between top colour and belly Head markings may be present or absent. Where present either a blaze or a headspot to be acceptable. Headspot. Headspots to be centrally placed on the rat’s forehead and no bigger than the rat’s eye. Blaze. This is to be a wedge shaped symmetrical blaze of white starting at the nose and extending up the face to the forehead. The blaze to cover the whisker bed and to taper to a fine point midway between the eyes and the ears. Not to extend to the cheeks or the eyes. Forelegs to be white to half their length, backfeet to the ankle (hock or tarsal bone). tails to be pied.
Faults: Drags, skewed or mishapened blazes, uneven or over large headspots, top colour too yellow. Eyes black.