Cinnamon pearl

Along with the pearl, the cinnamon pearl has been bred since the late 1970s, and so is one of our older varieties.

Cinnamon pearls are very pale kittens, almost off-white, and bear little resemblance to their adult colouring which comes in gradually. Like pearls, they can be too dark – a dark cinnamon pearl can often have a sooty tone to the overall colour. Sometimes the pearl gene doesn’t seem to express properly either, and you end up with rats that look like dark cinnamon pearl kittens, but they “recover” from this and end up being perfectly normal cinnamons as adults.

The UK cinnamon pearl standard is based on the mink gene. It’s possible to make pearls based on the American mink gene, and this is similar in colour to our cinnamon pearls. It’s not been confirmed whether or not the same pearl gene is responsible for both types of pearl though.

Genetics: Agouti, with two copies of the mink gene (so – cinnamon), plus one copy of the pearl gene (A-mmPepe).

NFRS Standard: Coat to consist of three bands of colour from the base up – cream, blue and orange, with silver guard hairs, to give an overall golden appearance with a silver sheen. Belly fur pale silver grey. Foot colour to match top. Eyes black.