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Coffee has been on the NFRS standards list since the new variety class was brought in (it was grandfathered in from the old unstandardised classes). It’s a fairly simple variety to breed, in theory, being a combination of two fairly common genes, but it’s almost never seen. There is a fair bit of selective breeding involved in making rats of the right genetic type look like the right shade, so although they are technically possible to create from scratch, rather than having to find a coffee rat to breed more of them, it would take either a bit of luck or a good few generations to get the correct coffee colour in a new line.

Genetics: Chocolate mink (aabbmm)

NFRS standard: To be a rich creamy caramel throughout, from tips of the fur down to the skin. Colour to be even as possible, devoid of dinginess, white hairs or patches. Foot colour to match top.

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