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Cream was the name originally applied to champagne rats in the early days of the fancy, but these days cream refers to a rarely-seen cousin of the ivory variety. The name is very fitting, considering that the ivories used to be referred to as “milk creams”.

Creams can be either agouti or non-agouti, but the non-agouti version tend to be paler and less attractive. There are not many people breeding for them at the moment and they’re still pretty much an unknown quantity – it can be impossible to tell an ivory from a cream until they moult into their adult coat, so they’re not going to be the easiest variety to select for.

Creamy coloured versions of the black eyed varieties (ivory, BE Himalayan, BE Siamese) have been known since the appearance of the gene. Some of the early black eyed Siamese were nicknamed “apricot Siamese” as they had such a rich background colour, so it’s possible that the cream is related to whatever made Siamese into apricot Siamese. Only time will tell.

Genetics: Not entirely sure. They are agouti based, and genetically they are most likely ivory, which is albino with the black eyed gene plus an extra modifier gene to give the cream colouring (A-Be-cc + something else).

NFRS Standard: Body colour to be a rich ‘Devonshire’ (warm) cream colour with no odd coloured hairs or patches. Ears and tail to be pink. Eyes: black.

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