Golden Himalayan

Early on in the history of the black eyed Siamese, there was a variation nicknamed the “apricot” Siamese – so called because of the body colour, which was not the intended shade for Siamese. With careful breeding and selection, these eventually disappeared, leaving only the correct shade of Siamese, and the apricot Siamese were mainly forgotten about. That is until around 2005, when some oddly coloured Himalayan kittens appeared, a seeming recurrence of the old variety. This new Himalayan shade quickly moved through standardisation, and is a well established and popular variety. The original apricot Siamese has not yet re-entered the standards list, but with the popularity of the golden Himalayan, there is an obvious hole in the schedule for a golden Siamese.

Genetics: Agouti based black eyed Himalayan, plus an unnamed recessive golden gene (A-Be-cch or A-Be-chch + golden)

NFRS standard: To be an apricot colour evenly ticked with silver guard hairs, with brown points on the nose, feet and root of the tail. Belly colour to be a pale cream. Top colour to be even carried well down the sides with clear differentiation between belly and top colour. Ears and tail to be lightly pigmented. Eyes Black.