Havana Agouti

Havana agouti is currently a colour shown in New Varieties. There was some debate as to whether or not a standard should be accepted for this colour, as commonly these rats look very similar to a cinnamon. However, with some careful selection, they can be made to look distinctly different.

Genetics: Agouti and mink with one copy of the red eye dilute gene (aammRr). Although red eye dilute is technically a recessive, in certain circumstances it will affect colour even when only one copy is present – and on a mink background is one of those times. Alternatively, aaamam (American mink) from certain lines.

NFRS Standard: To be a light sandy brown caused by the intermingling of light brown ticking over a light fawn ground. Belly to be pale silver, undercoat light brown grey. Foot colour to match top. Eye Colour mid to light ruby.
Serious faults: Dark eye colour. Colour must not conform to the std for cinnamon.