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The variety known as Irish in the UK is also known as English Irish in some American clubs, as they use the name Irish to refer to a different variety (see American Irish).

The name Irish for this marking is because the original spotting pattern was discovered in wild rats in Ireland. Not many people specifically breed for Irish, but the gene continues to lurk about. In many rats it can give only the faintest hint of white toes and maybe a few white chest hairs, but give a slightly brighter overall colour.

Genetics: Hhi (one copy of the H allele plus one copy of the Irish allele) or hihi with modifiers (two copies of the Irish gene bred for less white). You probably get some Hh rats (genetically Berkshire) rats that looked pretty close to the Irish standard too.

NFRS standard: White equilateral triangle on chest with front feet white and back feet white to half their length. The triangle to be of good size, clear cut and devoid of brindling, not to extend in a streak down the belly but to occupy all the space between the front legs. The body colour shall conform to a recognised colour variety.

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