Lilac agouti

Also known as lynx, the lilac agouti is one of two varieties (the first being British blue agouti) where the standard demands that the colour is attractive. The tan ticking of the British blue agouti is replicated in the lilac agouti, but the base colour is the pinky dove grey of the lilac instead of a cool blue colour.

Unsurprisingly considering the lilac, the lilac agouti is again quite a complex variety genetically, and it’s not unusual to see examples that just resemble pale blue agoutis. Again, the US variety referred to as lynx or lilac agouti is nothing to do with this colour.

Genetics: Agouti with British blue, chocolate, sometimes mink – or carrying mink – plus one copy of the red eye dilute gene (A-bbddRr, sometimes with mm or Mm)

NFRS Standard: To be an attractive blend of dove grey ticking over a medium fawn ground. Undercolour pale grey down to the skin. Belly colour silver. Feet dove grey. Ears and tail to be covered in grey hairs. Pinky tinge desirable, blue tinge a fault. Eyes very dark ruby to black.