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Russian Burmese

As blue Siamese was the first alternative points colour of Siamese to be recognised, so it became the first variation regularly bred of the Burmese too. There is not much difference in the colour of blue Burmese based on British blue and that based on Russian blue except for the heathering and fur type given by the Russian gene. It is now almost unheard of to see British blue Burmese, and only the Russian variation is bred for and standardised.

Genetics: Non-agouti, one copy of the Burmese gene, plus two copies of the Himalayan gene, and two copies of the Russian blue gene (aaBebubechchrbrb)

NFRS standard: To be warm, mid grey, devoid of dinginess, silvering, or patches, with distinctly darker points of the same shade. Faint light speckling or a subtle ticked effect (heathering) is usual for this variety and is not a fault. Eyes black or very dark ruby.

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