Russian silver

Russian silver is a difficult variety to breed and get right. Like most multi recessives involving British blue, it can make for a more delicate rat and so needs a dedicated and thick-skinned breeder to breed. They are beautiful rats, and the “pale blue-grey” of the standard doesn’t really do justice to the very pretty cool blue colour.

Genetics: Non-agouti with both blue genes, Russian and British (aaddrbrb). This colour tends to be too dark for the standard, to keep the correct icy colour mink must also be added (aaddmmrbrb or aaddmomorbrb).

NFRS standard: To be a pale blue-grey. Faint light speckling or a subtle ticked effect (heathering) is usual for this variety and is not a fault. Colour to be level throughout. Belly colour to match top. Undercolour to be as pale as possible. Brown, yellow or pinky tinges to be faulted. Eyes Black.