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Russian topaz

As the name suggests, this colour is a combination of Russian blue and topaz, and it is easy to see the influence of both colours. The rich fawn of the topaz is diluted to a much more delicate shade by the Russian, and to be honest the adjective used in the standard, “pleasing”, to describe the colour couldn’t be more apt – it’s a really pleasant colour, especially with the darker eyes.

Genetics: Agouti, Russian blue, and red eye dilute (aarrrbrb)

NFRS Standard: Top colour a pleasing warm shade of orange-cream evenly ticked with silver to silver-blue guard hairs. Undercolour must exhibit a distinctive blue cast close to the skin. Belly and throat to be cream. Feet to match top colour as close as possible, but a lighter shade acceptable. Eyes may be any shade of red to dark ruby but pink eyes undesirable. Slight heathering not to be faulted. Faults: Dark, dull or too pale top colour. Uneven or lack of ticking. Pink eyes. Severe Faults: Lack of blue undercolour. Very pale patches or prominent white eye circles.

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