Although known in the fancy for many years, satin rats have never managed to become a standardised variety. The effect of satin in rats is not as impressive or distinct as it is in some other species, and oftentimes satins just look like rats with particularly good coat condition. Depending on the type of satin involved, they can be confirmed as real satins by a slight kink or droop to their whiskers as kittens, and through examination of the fur under a microscrope as adults.

Genetics: Several different genes produce satin coats. There is at least one recessive gene (sa/sa) and one dominant, but there are probably several more unidentified in the fancy.

NFRS Standard: The satin shall have a high sheen coat resulting in a satin like or metallic gloss. The colour may be that of any recognised variety. Satinization will appear to increase the intensity of any colour and this should be taken into account.