Silver Agouti

The Silver Agouti is the Agouti form of the Marten, and was first bred in the UK in September 2010. The name is taken from silver agouti mice, which these rats resemble.

Genetics: A-cmcm (Agouti, with two copies of the Marten allele at the c-locus), or A-cmc (Agouti, with one copy of the Marten allele and one of the Albino allele at the c-locus). Black Eyed Silver Agoutis must also have at least one copy of the black eye gene (so A-Be-cmcm or A-Be-cmc)

NFRS Standard: Body colour mid grey with light heathering, with no suggestion of brown or blue tones. Fur on the face to be lighter on the whisker bed, over the eyes and behind the ears. Belly colour a slightly paler shade of grey than the top. Foot colour to match top. Eyes pink or black. Faults: rusty patches, white toes or patches, darker points on the nose, tail root or feet.