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Sky Blue

The Blue gene can give a whole range of colours, from a pale, powdery blue over a white undercoat to a deep, rich slate down to the skin. The UK standard asks for a deep steel blue, and that dark shade we refer to as “British Blue“.

Although the US standard also refers to the same deep steel blue, in the UK we use the term “American Blue” to refer to a paler blue, what is also referred to as “Sky Blue” in the US.

There is also (understandably) confusion between American/Sky Blue and Powder Blue, but powder is a more muted shade overall, and has a pale base coat.

Genetics: Non-Agouti with the dilute gene (aadd), selected for bright and clear colour.

AFRMA (proposed) Standard: Color to be in-between Blue and Powder Blue—a clear sparkling blue color showing no brown patches or silvering. Eye color to be dark ruby or black.

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