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Spotted downunder

The second downunder variety to get a standard in the UK, the spotted downunder can also trace its roots back to the 1998 discovery of the downunder gene in Australia.

The spotted downunder looks like a capped rat with small spots of colour covering the body and stomach instead of the pure white body you’d hope for in a capped. It remains a very rare variety, still unstandardised in the UK, and with only one or two breeders working on it.

Genetics: Either capped or variegated, plus the dominant downunder modifier.

NFRS standard: The head: The colour not to extend past the ears and to follow the line of the lower jawbone. It should not extend under the chin. A white blaze or spot is highly desirable. The body: The body should be broken marked, giving the effect of spotting over the back and belly. Side spots are desirable. Colour: Colour to conform to a recognised colour variety. The white areas shall be devoid of a yellowish tinge or staining.

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