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Squirrel is named after the rabbit variety, and like the rabbit it is a blue chinchilla. Originally bred from British blue agoutis and chinchillas, it is unusual in that it can be bred with either British blue or Russian blue, and the standard doesn’t define that one or other is correct (although it doesn’t mention an allowance for heathering).

Genetics: A chinchilla or half chinchilla, with either the British blue or Russian blue gene (CscsFyfy with either dd or rbrb)

NFRS standard: Top colour silver blue, caused by the intermingling of blue guard hairs over a pearl white ground. Undercolour slate blue, intermediate portion pearl, tips blue. Underside to be white with a clear demarcation between top colour and belly. Head markings may be present or absent. Where present, either a blaze or a head spot to be acceptable. Blazes to conform to the standard for a blaze, head spots to be centrally placed and not to be larger than the rat’s eye. Forelegs to be white to half their length, back feet white to ankle (hock). Tails are pied. Faults: drags, yellow or brown tinge to the top colour, skewed or misshapen blazes, uneven or overlarge head spots.

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