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Body types



Rich gold in colour, with near black eyes, the topaz rat is undeniably pretty rat. They are known as fawn in the US, where the standard is slightly different.

The colour on topaz should be bright and clear. They are prone to sootiness, where the top colour has a grey tone, and many are too pale, lacking the richness of colour necessary. Like the buff, topaz have very dark ruby eyes that often look black from a distance.

Genetics: Red eye dilute on agouti (aarr)

NFRS standard: To be a rich, golden fawn evenly ticked with silver guard hairs. Undercolour to be pale blue/grey carried down to the skin. Belly fur to be creamy silver. Top colour to be even carried well down the sides with clear differentiation between belly and top colour. Any tendency to sootiness or greyness of the top colour to be penalised. Eyes to be dark ruby (as dark as possible).

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